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The George L. Droll $1,500 AWARD

George L. DrollThe George L. Droll Award was established in 1995 in honor of George L. Droll, University of Iowa University Housing Director from 1980-1995 and University Housing employee from 1960 until his death in 1995. Mr. Droll devoted his career to enhancing the living and learning environment in the residence hall system at the University of Iowa. Each year, at least one residence hall student at the University of Iowa will be selected to receive this award. The recipient chosen will exemplify the characteristics desirable in residence hall students; the recipient must demonstrate good citizenship and have contributed to establishing a positive residence hall community to their floor. In the fall at a reception, the student will be given a certificate; in addition, an award of up to $1,500 will be credited to the student's university account to be used toward room and board in the residence halls for the next academic year.

Please read the nomination guidelines/selection below before you start your nomination.

For further information, please contact University Housing & Dining Administration by telephone at 319-335-2996 or by e-mail at

Nomination Guidelines/Selection

The George L. Droll Award process begins with a nomination. Any student, staff, or faculty person can nominate a student for this award. The nominated student must excel in the areas of residence hall citizenship and community building and must meet additional eligibility criteria. The nominee then responds to an essay question, several short-answer questions, and the final selection is made.

The nominating statement must describe how the nominee has contributed in positive ways to the living-learning environment in the residence halls during the current academic year. Provide specific examples.

The strength of the nominating statement will be considered when selecting the recipient of this award. Content, spelling, and grammar are all extremely important.

Who is eligible for this award? To be eligible, one must:

  1. Currently live in the residence halls and continue to live in the residence halls for the following year.
  2. Be enrolled as a student in good standing.
  3. Demonstrate good citizenship and community building in the residence halls.

Examples of contribution in the areas of residence hall good citizenship and community building may include:

  • Being viewed by others as a positive influence on fellow residence hall students in areas of good judgment, mature behavior, and spirit of cooperation.
  • Volunteering to take on additional tasks, not for purposes of self-promotion but rather for the greater good of the residence hall floor and its students.
  • Demonstrating in everyday behavior that he or she adheres to the standards expected of residence hall students.
  • Demonstrating an understanding that a residence hall community is made up of people from diverse backgrounds and that these differences should be celebrated.
  • Participating in floor activities or in a leadership role on a residence hall floor or throughout the residence hall system.

Current resident assistants are not eligible.

Nominations must be submitted online by or before March 28th, 2017.

Students who are nominated will be invited to apply for the award and will be required to submit an essay by April 12th, 2017.