University Housing & Dining Scholarships

David Coleman Scholarship 2017

University Housing & Dining is proud to announce again this year the David Coleman Scholarship. This $900 scholarship will be awarded to a current residence hall student who has overcome adversity to be successful at the University of Iowa. This adversity can be medical, physical, economic, family circumstance, or any other situation the student has overcome to attend and be successful at the University of Iowa. Any current residence hall student may apply for the scholarship, but they must be enrolled for classes during the 2017 fall semester. Students who are currently employed as resident assistants are ineligible for this scholarship.

The application must be filled out and submitted on-line to University Housing & Dining by April 12th, 2017. Two references must also be completed and submitted by April 12th, 2017.

These non-family references must be someone close to the applicant and have knowledge of the applicant’s circumstances to comment on the student’s drive to overcome the adversity. The references need not be university employees.

The recipient will be selected by late April, 2017. The scholarship will be credited to the recipient’s university account in August of 2017. For further information, please contact University Housing & Dining Administration by telephone at 319-335-2996 or by e-mail at

The scholarship is named for David Coleman, former University Housing & Dining staff member. David came to the University in 1967 for graduate school and worked for University Housing & Dining in a number of professional positions until his retirement in 2005. During his tenure in Residence Life, Mr. Coleman championed the causes of students who needed and deserved a second chance and encouraged them to achieve in spite of obstacles. Mr. Coleman and his family still live in the Iowa City area.